Exmouth is home to the world’s largest fringing reef, the World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef. This underwater paradise is a popular spot for all kinds of visitors, from dolphins, manta rays, turtles and humpback whales, to the largest fish in the ocean: the beautiful whale shark.

What to do?

Swim with a whale shark

From Exmouth there are multiple tours departing everyday who offer you the chance to swim with a whale shark (depending on the season). An unforgettable experience! Don’t worry a whale shark is not dangerous. They don’t bite and only eat plankton.

Go kayaking

Mangrove bay is the perfect spot if you go kayaking. You can spot little sharks and if your lucky you will spot some turtles heading to the surface. Moreover, keep your eyes open for some sea eagles or ospreys.

Visit the Vlaming lighthouse

The sunrise and sunset views from the Vlaming lighthouse are stunning and really a must see!

Go snorkelling

Go snorkelling at the stunning Turquoise Bay. If you like to go snorkelling Turquoise Bay is the perfect stop. It has beautiful clear water, lovely abundant and colourful fish everywhere. If you are lucky you can even spot some turtles.

Scuba Diving

Go scuba Diving at the Navy Pier. The Navy pier is in the top 10 dives sites in Australia and is also voted as the top shore dives in the world.

Spot the Emus

In Exmouth there is a big chance that you will run in to an emu. But be careful and don’t get too close, because they will chase you for your food.

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