East Coast

The East-Coast is a stunning stretch of coastline and you will be blown away by all the pretty sides. It is not surprising that the East-Coast is the most popular backpack trail in the world. Sail the Whitsundays, explore the magical coastline of Fraser Island and dive into the Great Barrier Reef and this is just a small preview of what the East-Coast has to offer. The entire coastline has many highlights that attract backpackers from all across the world.

The consensus from backpackers all over is that Hop-on hop-off bus passes are by far the most cost effective and popular method to travel the East Coast. They allow for safe travel but still a very flexible itinerary and you can also package the pass with tours and accommodation to save loads! You can start your trip in several places like, Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne.

If you want to see all the beautiful sights going, popping into to a travel agency (i.e. Peterpans Adventure travel, Backpackers World Travel, The Travel project) is advisable. Travel agencies specialized in youth travel offer amazing itineraries which you can customize and fit to any budget. Most of the time they can even get you amazing discounts and they know all the highlights and where to stay. If living by the day is more your thing, they can also help you hire a car or campervan. Anyhow, the East-Coast is never
getting old. That is why we have created a guide for traveling the East-Coast.

East-Coast Facts:

 1. The total distance along the coastline between Melbourne and Cairns is around 4000km

2. It would take about 50 hours of nonstop driving to travel along the coastline between Melbourne and Cairns• The major highway connecting Brisbane and Cairns is called the “Bruce Highway” – can’t get more Aussie than that!

3. The East Coast is nothing like the Outback of Australia (or Wolf Creek). Although there will at times be long drives between each major tourist destination, you will find petrol stations and little towns at least 30 mins apart.

4. Aussie locals are very laid back and friendly. You will be speaking Aussie Lingo such as ‘No Worries’, ‘G’day Mate’, ‘Heaps’, ‘Thongs’, ‘Goon’ and ‘Barbie’ in no time!

How much time will you need to travel the East Coast?

Well, like every other country that really depends on how you would like to travel and what you would like to see. In 2/3 weeks, you can see most of the highlights between Cairns and Sydney. However, this means that there is not much time for relaxing. If you have a little more time you will be able to have some more relax time and be able to travel the coast between Cairns and Melbourne more comfortably. That is why I suggest that 4 to 6 weeks is perfect.