Broome is the western gateway to the Kimberley National Park – home to world famous Cable Beach sunsets and the natural phenomenon of the ‘Staircase to the Moon’. Check out a pearl farm or the real dinosaur footprints and catch an outdoor movie at sunset.

What to do?

Visit Reddell Beach

Reddell Beach can be a little bit tricky to find, but definitely worth the search. This beach exists of unique rock formations. It is beautiful to watch the sunset here, but it can be crowded with tourists.

Search for Dinosaur Footprints

Palaeontologists have revealed that they have found more dinosaur footprints in Broome. Even one of the largest in the world. Dinosaur Coast is actually the only spot in Australia where a Sauropad track can be found. Definitely a unique experience.

Go the aquarium

Recently they have created a really special aquarium in Broome. They tried to understand the marine ecosystem and recreate the marine environment of the surrounding beaches and creeks.

Explore Gantheaume Point

If you are in Broome, you can’t miss Gantheaume point. The contrast between the red rocks and the blue water is breath taking. If you are a daredevil you can jump from the rocks during high tide.

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